Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland

Turning Point
Winter Solstice - The Birth of the Sun

In the soft silence of new fallen snow, on this shortest day of the year, you follow the distant hint of bells through the gateway between the fir trees and enter the Green Wood. They're called "evergreens" because they keep their verdant coats all year and today, with other trees and bushes only bare sticks, your still-green friends remind you that life is always all around you and, even in the darkest night, the light will return. So you ask permission of the trees and prune a few branches from fir, pine, and holly, leave a gift of thanks for the forest, and rush home with your treasures to weave them with red ribbons and colored balls to adorn your mantle and your door.

Newgrange:Winter Solstice Magick


It's unclear how long we mortals have been honoring the cycles of life, death, and rebirth represented by the movement of the sun's path in the sky. Around 3200 BC, the indigenous people of Ireland built Newgrange, a huge monument aligned to the Winter Solstice. Newgrange is constructed so that on that day the rays of the rising sun shine through a small opening above the mound's door, fly down the passageway, and illuminate the central chamber. The event lasts for about 17 minutes and is the only time of the year the sun penetrates into the heart of the mound. Was this a way to capture the sun to call it back to the winter-dark land? A moment when the spirits of those who had died during the year could follow the golden road to the Otherworld? A simple astronomical observatory? Archeologists have many theories. When we ask the Fairies, they whisper through the downy snowfall that it's a good idea to honor the cycles of life, death, and rebirth, and to be in tune with the planetary movements that guide our lives. Enigmatic, as always. (This year for the first time the entrance of the sun into Newgrange will be streamed live on the internet. Find out more here.)

Stand still for a moment - and celebrate

On the night of December 21st, when the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth is leaning as far as it possibly can from our source of light and warmth, the sun will appear to stand still. And then the sun will be reborn and begin its journey back to bring light and life to all living things. (Don't forget that our friends in the Southern Hemisphere will be out dancing in the fields of mid-summer!) To honor that turning point, you might want to create a ritual to share with those who warm your heart. Some suggestions:
    --Hang a Yule wreath to honor the circle of life, death, rebirth and the rebirth of the sun.
    --Light a fire in your fireplace or even outside; or light a candle. Focus on the flame and acknowledge that the fire of your life is inside you and pledge that in the coming year you will touch others with the warmth and inspiration of your light.
    --Give thanks for the rebirth of the sun, for the miracle of your own birth, and allow the dreams that are sleeping within you to be born.
    --Tell stories, sing songs, adorn your home with light and celebrate the miracle of being born out of the darkness into the light.

From our** hearts to yours, this holiday season:

May you have Fairy Bells tinkling in your ears,
iridescent lights dazzling your eyes,
and the enchanted songs of Faerie
echoing in your heart this Winter Holiday
and through the coming year.

(**If you want to meet the whole Fairy Woodland crew,
scroll to the end of this newsletter)

Fairy Woodland Fairy House #1000

As those of you who watch the website regularly have undoubtedly noticed, the Fairy House numbers have exceeded 1000. That's because, a few weeks ago, John built Fairy Woodland Fairy House #1000, "Re-membering Faerie." It's on display through Sunday, January 27, 2008 in Rockland County, NY as part of "Faery Tales and Tiny Treasures," the 32nd annual Miniature and Dollhouse Show sponsored by the Historical Society of Rockland County. We'll have pictures and story on the Fairy Woodland website soon but, in the meantime, here's a peek.

Speaking of the Fairy Woodland website: Just in case you haven't noticed, each house in the catalog now has a button that says "Tell me the House's story." Click it for an audio version and let Bridget read you a bedtime story.

Last minute holiday shopping
There's still time to order magical Fairy Woodland creations and have them arrive by Christmas Eve.

For UPS ground (normal shipping) delivery to the East Coast and South, we need to ship by Monday, Dec. 17.
To the middle part of the country (e.g MN, IL, TX) we need to ship by Tuesday, Dec. 18.
From CO to S. Calif, the magic date is Wed., Dec. 19.
For international shipment, any order placed now will arrive in plenty of time for the Winter Solstice, 2008.
There is always UPS 3 day but the larger the package, the more expensive that gets. We have in past years attempted to use Priority Mail for last minute shipments to the East Coast with mixed success. Call us if you have any questions.

Gift Ideas


WinterTree Castle                             2008 Calendar

If it's too late to ship, don't forget
Fairy Woodland-Gift Certificates!!!

We can e-mail the certificate for you to print out.
Deadline: 3pm, PST, Dec. 24.


This seems like the perfect time to introduce you all to "all of us."
Bridget and John's stories are on the website.
Here is the rest of the crew of artists who help create the Enchanted World of Fairy Woodland.

Dusty Hicks, Senior Elf, Wood Wizard, and Official Furniture Maker to the Fairies, tells us he was created in a strawberry field on the Oregon coast about three and a half decades ago. He sprouted like a spring mushroom (perhaps a little cuter) and has been enjoying the beauty of the natural world ever since he can remember. He loves bringing beauty into the world and finds building fairy houses and and other magical creations a very satisfying and enjoyable way to spend his days.He is a gifted carver, a master of fine detail, an exceptional Fairy House roofer, and the king of giant bubbles. Dusty has a natural affinity for the Otherworld and creates wonderful maps for us all to follow.

Sierra Sperling, Principal Pixie. Sierra, the youngest of our crew, was born into the world of Faerie and found her way to the Woodland at a very young age. She practices artistry in many realms, including clothing design and organic, healthy food. She hears the Fairy voices tell the stories and with her nimble fingers weaves them into exquisite creations. Whether her hair is purple or orange, Sierra's brilliance and flash is an inspiration to everyone in the studio. She is the mistress of the tilt, the twisted, and the tangle, and her sweet laughter enchants mortal and Fairy alike.

Kris Parker, Elf at Large. Kris tells us he was raised by bears in a close-knit pack and groomed to study art and politics in the mortal world. He was tricked into working for trolls until he was rescued by the Fairies who whisked him away to the Woodlands. He now spends his time listening to their voices and helping to build homes for them that reflect the beauty the Fairies have brought to his life. In Faerie, Kris has discovered that there are other shapes besides a square and a rectangle; he can find a solution to most problems and the Fairies are honing his ability to think "out of the box."

Karen McCrae, Ambassador, Fairy/Human Relations. Karen met her first fairy in 1984 on Inis Meáin off the west coast of Ireland. Since that time, she has been very fortunate to be able work in areas that focus on spirituality and the environment. During the summer she works with the local farmers market, building community connections with local farmers, crafters and artists. Her family is happy to live with the Salmon Berry Clan of Fairies on the Oregon Coast. Karen runs the Fairy Woodland office, keeps Bridget organized, keeps John from forgetting what he's supposed to be doing, packs the Fairy Houses, and sends them off to their new homes.

Joren Rushing, Principal Minstrel. Joren was born an artist and has spent his life creating beauty in the world around him with his voice and his guitar. When Joren plays, the Fairies gather to listen and to dance on the strings. (They're particularly delighted when Joren's Goddess wife, June, comes to sing.) Joren has skilled hands, eye, ear, and heart, all guided by the play of Fairy voices. He hears the music of the twigs and brings his intuitive sensitivity to the creation of enchanting Fairy Houses. When the Fairies want something special, they talk to Joren.

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Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
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