Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland

Faerie Thyme

The Fairy Woodland
Spring Newsletter

Before and After May Day

Woodland Springs, the home of Fairy Woodland, sits at the edge of a gateway into Faerie so our flow of life is often tuned to the Otherworld.  Human and Faerie realms parallel each other most closely in the movement of the seasons and the cycles of the moon.

We thought we were quite in harmony with the flow of both realms when we discovered that May had snuck up on us.  It seems like only a few days ago when Spring strolled in the door, filled with the exuberance of a young stag and wrapped in winds warm as a baby’s breath.  We were released from hibernation to find daffodils sending green shoots bursting from their underground homes and buds on apple trees ready to pop. 

We had no sooner settled into the luxury of having enough light for an evening walk in the woods when we realized that Spring had galloped through the days while we dawdled in pools of sunshine, gratefully warming our wings.  Everywhere we looked, blossoms and new leaves reached for the sun.  A pair of pigmy nuthatches (definitely Fairy sized birds!)  built a nest at the entrance to the studio, and before we could say “May Day!”, Beltane, (May Day eve) arrived, heralding the approach of Queen Summer. We haven’t seen her yet, but the signs are clear:  Days are longer than nights, the first wide-mouthed hatchlings are peeking out of nests, the whales are returning to their northern homes, and the Elderberry leaves have wrapped the Fairy Grove in emerald hues.

In honor of the season, we decided it was time to do a little spring cleaning and found that some of our Fairy friends, instead of dreaming their way through Winter, have been very busy inside our house.  They’ve colonized new territory – our library!  We discovered that some of our books have been transformed into Fairy residences.  We spotted a door on the spine of a book and windows on adjoining ones.

We knocked on the door, got no answer, so decided to venture a peek.  We gently nudged open the door, then fetched a flashlight since it was dark inside. All we could see was a table, chairs, and a stairway leading to what must be a second story.
We watched carefully for any sign of occupants but the book house seemed uninhabited.  

We left a small letter by the door, inquiring about this phenomenon.

The reply we received told us the Fairies who had built this home had read everything of interest on this shelf and had moved on to build a house amidst other books.  The Fairies tell us that there are many of their kind who study the human world and gather information by reading about it.  Clever Fairies – what better way to read than to live inside a book?
We found two others within a week, each with a tiny sign on the door to let us know that the occupants had moved on and we were now free to offer these book houses to other humans who want to sponsor a family of Fairies to come and read the books on their shelves.   Although the Fairies don’t seem to have trouble reading a book they’ve colonized, once they’ve made a book into a home it’s impossible for anyone else to read it.  So we’ve been frantically haunting local used book shops to find new books for them to colonize, since we would like to keep at least some of our books intact for us to read.
In the process of dealing with this phenomenon, we are coming across books we acquired long ago and had forgotten to read, so while we are tracking Fairy migrations we are also enjoying a wondrous rediscovery of old friends. It’s also been intriguing to see what books and combinations of books they’ve chosen to colonize.  What do you suppose An Outline of History  and Electronic Tables  have to do with each other?  We are trying to understand the logic but then again, these are Fairies and human logic is not a strong operating principle. If you are interested in participating in the mystery of the Literary Fairy Exchange Program and sponsoring a Fairy family to come and live on your bookshelves, please visit our website for details.

May 31st is a

Blue Moon

There is considerable disagreement about what constitutes a “blue moon.”  Some say the color of the moon, which can be caused by smoke or dust particles from forest fires or volcanic eruptions.  Early editions of the Farmer’s Almanac count it as the third full moon of four in a fixed season usually containing three. Astrologers define it as the second full moon in an astrological sign, but popular convention celebrates the event on the second full moon in the same month – which will happen in the Western hemisphere on May 31st.  (In Europe and points East, because of time shifts, it will be June 1st when the moon is full, so they will have a “blue moon” at the end of June when the moon is full again.)
Since the Fairies love any reason for a festival, especially one having to do with a full moon, they celebrate all versions of “blue moons.”  The full moon holds the fullness of the Mother Goddess and her wisdom – the Blue Moon elevates the Goddesses power to another level.  Seeing the moon’s face a second time in a month is a powerful light and a good time to do ritual.  Take a dark bowl filled with water into a clearing where you can catch the reflection of the moon in the water.  Gaze into the moon’s reflection, let your eyes soft focus, and send a greeting to the Fairies – an invitation to them to come and dance with you.  Sit quietly, and listen.  You will hear distant music, like tiny bells, and the soft flutter of wings.  Keep your eyes focused on the moon in the water – the Fairies will answer your questions and bring you Bright Blessings.
Don’t forget to bring an offering of food (especially chocolate!) and always remember to dance.

New Elves on Fairy Woodland staff

In addition to Dusty Hicks, who has been with us for 3 years and is Roofer Extraordinaire and official Chief Furniture Maker to the Fairies, we've added two wonderful new Elves to the staff.  In the studio with John is Joren Rushing who is learning roofing and Fairy Treehouse Kit construction.  The Fairies are delighted because Joren is a musician and they intend to whisper songs to him.  Working with Bridget is Coretta, whose organizational skills have Bridget dancing for joy.  In addition to administrative duties, Coretta will be responsible for shipping and her skills as a photographer will be put to good use as a backup for John in photographing the Fairy Houses and other products for the web.   Now there's a chance that Bridget will finally have time to finish the Fairy House book!

We wish you warm breezes, soft rains, bright rays of sunshine, and abundant nurturing
for all the dreams growing in your life.

Bright Fairy Blessings from all of us at
Fairy Woodland.

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We get many reports via email, often with pictures, of the habbitats that Fairy Woodland customers have designed using our creations.  Many of them are enchanting ideas that others might want to try.  We've created this blog topic so that anyone who has an idea they are willing to share can do so as a comment to this topic. 

Your ideas can be complex, like a list of plants you used to create a Fairy garden, or sweet and simple, like putting an incense cone in the chimney of a Treehouse Transformation Kit to make it look like someone's home.  We've heard so many creative, wonderful ideas from you that we know this topic will become a favorite place for Fairy lovers to visit.  We're delighted to have a place where you can share your ideas with each other, not only with us.

IF YOU HAVE PHOTOS YOU WANT TO SHARE email them to info@fairywoodland.com along with any comments you want posted with the photos and we'll put it all in this thread. (Sorry, but the blog is not set up to allow photos to be posted as part of comments.)

From Lynne Blackman, Del Mar, California

The Fairies have been living in Lynne's magical garden for many years, even before the Fairy Houses arrived. She wanted to encourage more interaction between her Fairy and bird friends, so the Ranchette seemed like a good idea. The birds love it, and she thinks the Fairies do too, because they keep bringing new birds.

Her granddaughters thought that if there were Fairies in the tree, they ought to have a way to get out and windows to see the garden- and Lynne agreed. Her granddaughter has long chats with the Fairies.

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Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
Fairy houses, hobbit houses, fairy calendars and fairy doors for your garden or home decor by Fairy Woodland
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