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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination – and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.



 Underwood in Posters at Fairy Woodland
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Dimensions: 18 in by 12 in

Underwood by John Curtis Crawford

Approach the red door and pass through the gnarled root gateway only if you are prepared to enter a realm where mystery and the unconscious rule. Primordial passageways of deep dreams and timelessness wander among roots of ancient, weathered trees where things are rarely what they seem. Gnarled and twisted pathways through chilly darkness follow the tinkle of Faerie bells and emerge in a crystal cave with mirror pools of clear water. One expects peace and quiet underground but here the silence shouts with hectic gnawing and rustling as millions of creatures busy themselves munching debris into primal nourishment. This is the womb of the Earth Mother, the home of all possibilities, of unconscious ideas. You have found the place of rich inner journeys, where seeds shyly crack open, sending forays of tentative roots to explore the eternal wisdom-food in which they’ve nestled through the long winter. If you arrive on the dark of the moon, you may even find The Crone in her crystalline burrow-home, waiting to teach you ritual for transforming the detritus of your life into food for your unborn dreams. If you lose your way in the dark, follow the Faerie bells to new beginnings.  

Medium: Photography/photoshop 

Poster: Acid free heavyweight paper
Shipped rolled in tube.  

Limited edition print: numbered and signed by the artist. Archival inks on lustro gloss Includes separate card with story
Shipped flat

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