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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination Ė and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

Paper Play

Paper Play Fairy House - The Green Way

 Paper Play Fairy House - The Green Way in Paper Play at Fairy Woodland
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This Fairy House is from The Enchanted Fairy Village of Filaree

Have hours of fun creating your own Fairy House with this paper kraft kit. The kit contains a full color pattern for The Green Way Fairy House, easy to follow instructions, and the story of the Fairies of The Green Way Clan.

House pattern is printed on acid free, matte finish photo paper for a realistic look.

This Fairy House is part of The Enchanted Fairy Village of Filaree. Find the Village story here and collect all 5 houses to make the Village.

Requires scissors or matte knife and glue. We recommend adult supervision for children under 10.

The finished house is 4-1/2 inches high on a 4 in X 4 in base.


The Story of The Green Way Fairies

The Fairies of The Green Way clan gather each evening as the subjects of their daily attention slumber in soft darkness and silver moon light. In the mornings, they stream from the house before dawn, flutes or harps in hand, to coax fronds to unfurl, leaves to open, buds to burst into the world. Each new leaf and flower is met by the Green Way Fairy clan with a moment of welcoming as it reaches for the golden light of the sun. The Fairies who live in this house guide all green and growing things through their cycles of life, helping their roots find food, their buds to open, their leaves to reach for the light. Since they know the plants so well, these Fairies gather the fruit and nuts, grains and seeds to feed the village. Their recipes are renowned throughout Faerie because each dish is stirred with song.


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