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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

CY61 Protected visions

 CY61 Protected visions in  at Fairy Woodland
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Dimensions: 24 (H) x14 x 14

Wood: Driftwood from Manhattan Beach, OR; cedar roof
Stones: tumbled agates & white stones plus specialty rocks from Mt Hood volcano & Tunnel Beach, Or.
Special: Beach glass, seashells & pounded silver door tracings
Sand: Mystic mix.
and a feather.

The otter and the snake had long been arguing who was best fit to be in the water.
“Me, OBVIOUSLY.” said the otter, lying on its back banging away at a mussel. “Look at my thick brown coat, nicely covered with oils, to keep me toasty warm in the cold surf.”
“Doubtful.” replied the snake. “I’m cold blooded,so I have no need of a sssomewhat sssmelly fur coat. I am more sssuited to the water because of my beautiful scales that protect me as I ssswim.”
The otter paused it’s banging to think.
“It’s me, because I can hold my breath and close my ears to the water.”
“Me too,” replied the snake.
“I’m better suited because I eat things from the water, so I don’t need to hunt on the ground where it’s easier to be trapped.”
“Me too.” replied the snake.
“I’m better suited to water life because I can talk to seals and learn about the ocean. I don’t suppose you can do that?” he asked.
The snake coiled up, round and round and round before answering.
“No, I don’t talk to seals. But I do talk to Nessssie.”
“Hmph. There no such thing as sea monsters.” said the Otter. “You are making that up.”
A wee green fairy fluttered nearby and sat down on a pearly white rock. She pulled out a heart-shaped mirror and combed out her long purple hair, braiding it with flowers and leaves. Then she stretched her wings and flew away.
The otter and the snake looked at each other awhile before the otter answered.
“OK, maybe there are such things as sea monsters after all... But I am more suited because of my long strong claws....”
The otter and the snake argued like this for many years, until finally they built a tall house in the forest so that they could continue the conversation inside, unaware that fairies were often listening.


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