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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

Associate Artist: Khloella Brateng

Wind Waltzing, Fairy House Gateway K-21 - SOLD

 Wind Waltzing, Fairy House Gateway K-21 - SOLD in Associate Artist: Khloella Brateng at Fairy Woodland
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Wood: Alder, Woodland Springs
Stone: Rose Quartzite, Rhiolite, Agate
Sand: Mystical Blend

Airianna loved her evening walks in the woods by her home. The smell of secret earth and pine needles, the sounds of inquisitive birds, the colors of twilight that seemed to glow along the cloud edges all were nourishment to her being.

 This evening there was a breeze that grew steadily out of the east. At first it barely tickled the tree tops, but soon the winds picked up into a bolder dance.  Airianna stopped and looked up. The branches tangoed, the upper trunks moved sinuously. Over her head was a festival of dancing greenery that invited her to join in. The wind caressed her wings. She rose upon the air to swoop and glide, playing tag with the trees and their gaily gesturing arms.

Before she knew it, Airianna was home. She lighted delicately on her doorstep, a little breathless from wind dancing. Her cheeks flushed berry pink. She opened her green door and went inside.

A peculiar sensation stopped her there in the front room. Tension. Apprehension. She’d lived here a long time, but she’d never felt this in her dwelling. Outside the winds were rising higher; the walls shivered against them. Airianna placed a hand to the nearest stone and jerked back, startled. Fear. There was so much fear! “What if we fail,” the rocks cried. “What if we are not strong enough to hold,” the timbers moaned.

Airianna ‘s dance with the wind had heightened her senses. She put both hands against the wall and let herself sink into the stones and wood, spreading herself out into the structure of the house, infusing every bit of it with her own light, sparkling and moving like sunbeams through prisms. From floor to cedar shingles her energy sprang and twinkled. And then she began to dance the stones, the wood, every particle of her home.

“Be free,” she whispered. “Supple as willow, fluid as brook, as one with the wind.”

At first there was a stiffness, a resistance. The fear began to melt. A nudge, a stretching and then a feeling of release shimmered like relief through the building. Very subtly the house began to move, to feel the rhythm of the winds outside and to follow their lead in a fanciful waltz. Airianna’s energy continued to help the house connect with the winds, to bend with their flow. There was joy in the movement and a new sense of being.

All through the night, Airianna and the house and the wind danced together, waltzing under the light of the full moon.

When dawn began to peek shyly over the horizon, Airianna gently pulled back out of the house until she was her own self again. She was tired from the night of dancing, but also peacefully blissful. With a last gentle caress of the walls, she tiptoed up to bed. She fell into a smiling sleep where the stars sang a sprightly tune, and trees and houses danced together like perfect partners.



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