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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

Fairy Gateway Fellowship

Have the Fairies called you to help open the Gateways between the Realms and invite the Fairies back into the human world? Join us.

 The Fairies have hidden secrets in every leaf and flower, in the song of rivers, and the patterns of stones. The winds whisper their messages, the eagles screech them, and the rains soak them into the earth beneath our feet. Over the long centuries of separation between the human and Faerie Realms, a few mortals have found the keys to unlock the knowledge hidden all around us, open the gateways between our worlds, and reestablished communication, lost when myths were formed.

Today, Fairies are again becoming commonplace in human awareness; this is not an accident. The Earth Mother has called her allies to help her transition through the environmental challenges she and all her children face. Her long-time allies, those who know her secrets, who speak with her voice, are the Fairies; the allies she needs the most are humans whose imaginations are open to hearing those voices. This is a time for humans who have a Fairy Heart to gather together and help the rest of their kind find a way back to the spirits of nature, to “Think Fairy” and bring the wisdom and magic of Faerie back to the human world. The ancient Faerie knowledge is more important than ever; humans around the globe are gathering together to find the ancient pathways that lead to gateways between the worlds. The pathways are hidden, but not gone and, if your heart is open and you know what to look for, you can find them. 

The Fairy Gateway Fellowship is such a gathering. Here you will find friends for your journey, guides to point the way, tools to help you open your senses and imagination, and secrets embedded in stories that the Fairies have told. You can share your own stories, offer encouragement to others you meet along the path, and support the dream of building a place – a physical place in this world – where humans and Fairies can meet.

If this speaks to your heart, join us.

If you have questions or thoughts, write to us: