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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination Ė and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

Wee Fairy Cottages

NEW! Pint-sized cottages that fit into nooks and crannies and smaller budgets.

Fairies who choose to grace our homes and gardens with their presence do so at some risk to their diminutive energy forms. Although they are not "solid" as we are most of the time, they still take up space and so are easily knocked about by marauding cats (who CAN see them and love to chase them) and bumbling humans (who usually aren't aware of them). For these reasons and more, some Fairies who have undertaken the task of living with us and trying to teach us a few things, prefer to dwell in cozy corners, out of the way of mortal world traffic patterns.

To serve the particular housing needs of these Fairies, we've created the "Wee Fairy Cottages." They're small enough to fit in nooks and crannies, in corners, on shelves, in pots with plants - anywhere that lets Fairies have a home in our world where they can retreat from our sometimes frantic activities.

Each Wee Fairy Cottage is individually created by hand from natural wood and stone and born from the same mystical box of sand as our larger houses. If you don't have the space or budget for one of our regular Fairy House Gateways, a "Wee Fairy Cottage" is perfect for you and any bashful Fairies hiding in the corners of your home.

New, as of 12/1/12. See all available here