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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination Ė and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

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Fairies, fantasy & environmental & political issues that matter. [Click for more info]

2015 Workshop Schedule

Talk to trees, meet Fairies, and make a Fairy House or a Fairy Door. See the 2015 schedule here [Click for more info]

Dragons & Drought

A Dragon sculpture becomes an alternative to grass in an award winning garden. [Click for more info]

Fairy Gateway Fellowship

Have the Fairies called you to help open the Gateways between the Realms and invite the Fairies back into the human world? Join us. [Click for more info]

Finally! Sprite Prints!

They appear on the Website and in "Gateways to Faerie;" after many requests, the Forest Sprites are finally available as prints. Meet them all and choose your favorites. [Click for more info]

Delightful Fairy Book

Welcome Sarah Gayle & "Come One Come All to the Fairy Ball" to the Fairy Woodland website. Enchanting illustrated story book. [Click for more info]

Fairy Movie - "Gateways to Faerie"

Let John & Bridget take you through the mystical, magical side of Faerie + 2nd DVD, "Step by Step," all the secrets of how to build your own Fairy House in Fairy Woodland style. See the movie trailer! Learn to see with your imagination - and believe what you see. [Click for more info]

Fairy Sand Project

Collecting sand from around the world to make Faerie Gates, Fairy House gateways to call the Fairies to help heal the Gulf. [Click for more info]

Fairy Fools

What's the origin for April Fools' Day? Do the Fairies know anything about it? Uh . . . Does the sun rise in the East? [Click for more info]

Welcome to our new home!

In addition to a whole new look and the Sprites who've invaded the site, there are new features designed to make our web home more fun and easier to navigate. [Click for more info]


Say hello to Fairyeyries, enchanting Fairy nesting habitats to hang on a wall, a fence, a window, or high in a tree to give local Fairies a lofty perch in your world to snuggle into. [Click for more info]

Summer Solstice - The Oak King

Midsummer - The Summer Solstice - The Oak King has led us to this magical moment of abundant light. [Click for more info]

2012 Workshop Schedule

Register NOW! Join John and Bridget at the Fairy Woodland Studio for a 4 day adventure in Faerie; make your own Fairy House Gateway, take it home, and make its story a part of your life. [Click for more info]

Fairy House Building Retreat

May 17 - 20. Join us for 4 magical days at Skalitude Retreat Center in the Northern Cascades. Talk to twigs, stones & Fairies and build your own Fairy House Gateway. [Click for more info]

Fairy House size comparison chart

A side by side comparison of our different Fairy Houses. [Click for more info]

Wee Fairy Cottages

NEW! Pint-sized cottages that fit into nooks and crannies and smaller budgets. [Click for more info]

Winter Holiday Cards

A Fairy, some Sprites, and a Winter landscape to send your Winter Holiday greetings. [Click for more info]