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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

The Fairy Sand Project

Calling the Nature Spirits to Heal the Gulf



The Vision

Soft waves rippling in sunlight, dancing towards beaches of sand so fine and white you’d think an unseen hand had overturned a cosmic sugar bowl. Sand made of crystals, that squeaks when you walk on it; sand that, when you rub your hands on it in the dark, carries the glow of baby jellyfish eggs. Feet sink into soft sand – and so does the oil that comes ashore in wave after wave, covering the pristine sand with toxic goo.

We’ve all seen the pictures, watched with horror as the oil gushes from deep in the earth and inexorably makes its way to cover beaches, infiltrate marshes, coat birds, turtles, dolphins, sentencing them to certain death. And that’s only what we can see. How much is still in the sea, mixed with even more toxic dispersants? What damage is it doing to the entire ecosystem of the Gulf? How long will it take to clean the waters again? Is that even possible?
No one knows the answers to those questions. Thirty years after the Ixtoc spill in the Gulf, sediment in a mangrove swamp still has gooey tar in it; oysters that used to cling to the roots have never come back.
It’s hard to find anyone whose heart hasn’t been torn by the devastation. For those of us who can’t shovel goo from beaches or remove oil from wildlife, watching without being able to help has been painful. We can send prayers or healing light but many of us whose hearts continue to ache, struggle to find what small pieces we might contribute to the overwhelming task ahead. Once the oil finally stops flowing, the real work will begin.
We at Fairy Woodland are no different. We have a deep connection to the elemental spirits who inhabit our world and for many years, we have created habitats for those nature spirits, sprites, elementals – Fairies. We build small houses made of natural materials like twigs and stone and sand for the homes and gardens of mortals who want to invite these mystical creatures to come and live with them. These miniature houses are not just craft projects – they are alchemical art, designed to engage the mythic imagination and open a gateway for communication with the life energies that inhabit forests and streams, caves, trees, flowers – all of the natural world. (For those of you interested in pursuing the subject, see "The Making of Fairy Houses"and "Fairy FAQ's"or check out our fantasy/documentary, Gateways to Faerie.
As the oil began coming ashore in the Florida panhandle, a young woman who lives there read our website and noticed that each of our Fairy Houses is created in a bed of sand, a “metaphysical soup” containing sand from special earth places around the planet. (You can read about it here.) She told us about her beloved special beach in Pensacola, which was being hard hit by the oil and asked if she could send us some of the sand that was still clean to add to our sand box. She thought it could help heal the beach and the ocean to have that sand be a part of fairy homes.
Her heart-felt impulse sparked an idea. What if we could gather sand from other waterways, from places other people loved, and add those to our sand box? We could build a special fairy house from that sand and send it to the Gulf to stick its toes in the water, bringing with it the special blessings sent by all of the people who contributed the sand. Could that really help? We decided that it certainly couldn’t hurt and was about as good as any BP plan so far. Besides, we happen to believe that love made into physical form, is powerful magic.

So we’re asking for your help. Please send us a little sand from your favorite beach. Or from the lakeshore where you first fell in love, or the river bottom where you stand to fly fish. Someplace that is special to you, that touches your heart, that is a healing place for your soul. Send your prayers, energy, love, for the Gulf and all her creatures with the sand and we’ll use it to build Fairy Houses that will go to live at the Gulf and bring all your prayers and healing energy to those waters. 

The Plan

Now – September 21, 2010: Gather a small amount of sand (1/4 cup is plenty), put into a sealed container (cloth, paper, or plastic bag, small box or envelope), label where it’s from and (optional) why the place is special to you.

Send the sand to:
Fairy Woodland
PO Box 868
Newport, OR 97365 
If you include your email address, we’ll send you project updates.

Sept. 22, the Fall Equinox, (which is also a full moon) we will take all the gathered sand and do a blessing ritual here in Oregon. We’ll invite people of peace, guardians of the earth, elders, children, and indigenous peoples to participate and bring their music, drums, chants, and prayers to bless, awaken, and energize the sands.

During the following moon cycle, 5 Fairy Houses will be built in the Fairy Woodland studio, one for each of the Gulf states. They’ll be built in a ceremonial way by those whom the Fairies call for this process. We hope one house will be built by an Elder, one by a child, one by a father, one by a mother. The fifth builder is still a mystery. The houses will be blessed and the Fairies will be called to inhabit them. Then they will be sent to those in the Gulf who have come forward to be the keepers and guardians of the houses. Each house will have a journal with a list of all the places from which the sand comes and some of the comments you send us about your special place.

October 22, the full moon. The Fairy Houses will “stick their toes” in the waters of the Gulf in ritual designed and led by the local keepers of each place, connecting the prayers and love of all of those who have sent the sand with the waters that so desperately need healing. Each Fairy House will then be positioned in a place where it can see the water and where people can come and visit the house.

What We Need

  • Sand from as many waterways as possible, all over the world.
  • Locations in each of the 5 Gulf states, near the water, where the Fairy houses can permanently stay to continue to be a gateway for the elemental spirits to bring their energies to help the waters heal.
  • Guardians/keepers for the houses who are willing to lead the rituals to set them in place and keep watch over them.
If the Fairies have called you to help, contact us.
or just click the contact button anywhere on this site


          FLORIDA                                       ALABAMA                                  LOUISIANA
October 22, 2010  6:36 PM PDT
Fairy Sand Project houses for Alabama, Florida, & Louisiana set in place and activated with the full moon.

The Fairy Sand Project Fairy House Guardians and friends will gather on the evening of the full moon to set the houses in place and activate them to their purpose. They will dip the houses' "toes" in the water, call the elements of earth, air, fire and water, and call on the love and blessings built into the houses through the sand that was sent with such wonderful, heartfelt blessings by so many.
If you sent sand, please pause for a moment at the time of the full moon (6:36 PM PDT) and remember the love with which you sent the sand and rune in to the special place the sand came from. In that way, we can establish a grid of energy that will cover a large segment of the globe, aligned to healing the life-giving waters that have been so badly damaged by humankind, especially the Gulf of Mexico.
If you didn't send sand but wanted to or if you just support the vision of The Fairy Sand Project, join the Fairy House Guardians and friends and take a moment at the time of the full moon to join us all in spirit. Hold an image in your mind of a beach or waterway that is special to you. Feel the love and appreciation in your heart for that place, connect the feelings to the image, and send those feelings flying to one of the houses pictured below.
The Fairies have taught us that our thoughts and feelings have power and that how we choose to see the world has an effect on the world that we see and experience. Please join us, the Fairies, and the Fairy Sand Project Fairy House Guardians in holding a vision where love can bring healing.