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Life begins with an open and unlimited imagination. We invite you see with your imagination and give yourself permission to believe what you see. The world is alive, Fairies are real, and they peek out at us from every Earth place that remembers the wild. Let the Fairies take your imagination by the hand and lead you to the threshold. On the other side, there is magic.

Fairy & Fairy House FAQs

What is a Fairy House?

A Fairy House is a gateway through which our enchanted imaginations can play in the magical realms – and a doorway the Fairies can use to visit our world. Interacting with a Fairy House awakens the creative mind, engages the imagination and opens a doorway into the real Fairy World. When you acquire a Fairy House, you are honoring and stimulating the sense of wonder deep within you and creating a passageway for communication with the unseen.

How does a Fairy House work?

A Fairy House is a little like a radio tuner; radio waves are present all around us but unless we have an antenna and a way of bringing them into our audio range, we can't hear them.  Fairies are in many places around us, too, but we can't see them, hear them, or interact with them unless we're tuned to their frequency.  A Fairy House is one way of tuning in.

A Fairy House, or a Fairy door or window is a way to say, "I believe."  And when we believe, the Fairies hear us and are drawn to us.  Our act of belief opens the door between their realm and ours and allows communication.

Where should I put my Fairy House?

When your house arrives, choose a place for it on a special table or shelf in your home, a secluded spot in your garden, or in a large flowerpot. Give your imagination free reign to create a miniature world around it with stones, plants, shells, or anything you suspect might appeal to Fairies. Children are a great help in this process but, if none are available, trust the child inside you to know what to do.

How can I attract Fairies to my Fairy Habitat?

Place a welcome gift of a crystal, special stone, gold or silver inside your Fairy House, next to the door of a TreeHouse Transformation Kit, or other Fairy habitat that you have created. Fairies like sparkly things. Warning! They don't like iron or magnets.  They love chocolate so leave them a small piece as a treat; then  send an invitation from your heart for the Fairies to move in. You may have to repeat the invitation a few times, but one day you will notice that the quality of light around the house has changed or you will hear distant laughter or music. The Fairies have moved in.

When is the best time to give Fairies gifts?

Fairies like to get presents any time but they are particularly active at the solstices, equinoxes and, of course, at each full moon. Fairies love to feast and dance at the time of the full moon, so this is a particularly good time to show your goodwill toward them. Contribute to their feast by placing a small (fairy sized) plate with food from your evening meal adjacent to your Fairies' habitat. Be sure to include sweets,  fruit and, especially, chocolate!

How can I connect with the Fairies?

Fairies are spritely beings whose energy fields vibrate so fast, they don't have solid form in the human dimension. They can, if sufficiently intrigued, change their vibrational speed to allow us to see them. When they do, they appear in many different sizes and shapes because they appear to each of us as we expect them to be. Fairies prefer to appear very small because that requires less energy.

The work that fairies do usually involves interaction with the natural world and they like to live in or near whatever they are caring for in nature, like a pond or a tree or garden. The Fairy House will attract and intrigue them, so focus your attention in that vicinity.

Timing is important in connecting with Fairies. Although they usually live alone or in small family groups, all the fairies in a given area will gather together to celebrate on the full moon, the equinoxes and solstices. At that time, they dance to the music of nature and celebrate the cycles of life. This is a good time to leave a gift of food by their door, to let them know that you are aware of them and interested in establishing a connection.

How can I hear Fairy voices?

It is usually easier to hear Fairies than it is to see them, so when looking for Fairies, it is essential that you become very quiet, both inside and out. Listening creatively in a dreamy or meditative state allows space for Fairy voices.  Be very still. Place any anxiety you feel into a heavy box and close the lid. Let your internal dialogue stop. Breathe softly. Tiptoe to the edges of your consciousness and listen with your creativity. Stay in this quiet place and wait. Stay alert. Remain still. Wait a little longer. Eventually you will hear or intuit a Fairy voice. Follow your impulses and respond respectfully, as you would in any conversation. These conversations are usually playful, sometimes deep, personal, and profound. Have you really heard a Fairy voice? Has another reality actually been touched? Track the information you have received. Verify it in your everyday life, and you can affirm the reality of your Fairy experience.

How can I see the Fairies?

Fairies are most easily seen when you don't look directly at them. Again, be very quiet, both inside and out. It may help if you soft-focus your eyes, look straight ahead, and concentrate on your peripheral vision. If you detect movement, resist the temptation to look directly. When you sense a Fairy presence, a friendly greeting is appropriate.

Connecting with Fairies can occur on many levels. The skill develops with time and experience. Who you meet and what occurs in the Faerie Realm is a result of your intention, your mindset, and the manner with which you approach them. The masks we often use to conceal our authentic selves from each other do not work with Fairies. They will see to the deepest level of any question you ask and answer you from that vision. Free yourself from expectation, suspend disbelief, and see what happens.

Who are the Fairies?

Their voices echo within the whispers of the wind; a stream rushing over stones tells their story. Their faces peer at us from the trunk of a gnarled oak, the dew puddled inside a rose, or the momentary shape of a cloud. We see them in a fleeting movement of light or hear a distant tinkle that sounds like laughter. They are the Fairies, the otherworldly presence whose legends live in every culture on every continent, called by innumerable names and given many different visages.

Faerie energy nurtures and supports life in all things. If you have ever marveled at a small tree, growing out of a crack in a granite boulder or a flower blooming in a world of concrete, you have experienced the magic of Fairies. They guide trees toward the best light and help roots find essential nutrients. When you see a lush garden, you know Fairies are present.

Fairies hold the memory of the patterns of life. They remind the leopard how to hunt and help the whales find their songs. They remember how the spider spins her web and what route the snow geese and butterflies travel on their annual migration. Fairies sparkle in the crystalline structure of rock, teasing us with glimpses of an existence it would take eons to know.

Their task is to encourage and guide everything that lives and grows. This means spiritual growth as well as physical, and applies to humans as well as plants, animals, and stone. Fairy energy is the life force in every living thing in the universe and it has profound power.

The wisdom of this power is accessible to all of us in this time. The technological evolution in which we live forces us to open our minds daily to things we had never imagined. Physics moves us closer to the metaphysical with every discovery. In this confusion of ever-expanding inner and outer universes, we are being pushed to entirely new feats of understanding. We are developing the muscle to open our perceptions to the wonder at the heart of life. The Fairies are reaching out their hands, and we are ready to see their gesture.